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About Us: 

Thanks for visiting From drip systems and kits to drainage and nutrients, hydroponics are just one area in which we are proud to have been offering information and products about since 1998. Repeat customers and adapting to advances in hydroponic gardening as they occur have kept our business fluent with the changing times.

What began for us as a small, concerned partnership offering information and products about solar power, has turned into a family tree of products and companies. For more than 10 years our owners and dedicated staff have remained committed to learning about and sharing technologies and products that advance the philosophies of renewable and sustainable life on Earth.

Our products reflect years of careful research and attention to the market so we know exactly what will work best for our customers. Our store is full of nutrients, equipment and growing medium. You can find ebb and flow kits and drip kits for hobbyists as well as aero, drip and propagation kits for professional/industrial use.

Different methods and medium work best for different types of plants. At you will find information such as Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), ebb & flow, top drip, aeroponic, ultrasonic fog, coco fiber, rockwool, hydrocorn, deep water culture and soilless mix.

NFT method circulates a shallow stream of nutrient solution over the roots of plants to provide excellent aeration. Ebb & Flow is based on flood and drain sub-irrigation principles. Top Drip is another method of hydroponics where an automated pump, timer and drip irrigation tubing deliver nutrient solution as frequently as 5 to 10 minutes every hour.

Ultrasonic fog is a popular humidification system. Coco fiber, rockwool and hydrocorn are all various media used to cultivate plants hydroponically. Deep water culture refers to a traditional method that involves the use of plastic buckets and large containers – the plant is situated in a net pot suspended from the center of the lid and the roots are suspended in nutrient solution.

Whichever method you use, offers great products at great prices.