Hydro Fuel Bloom A&B

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HYDRO FUEL BLOEI (Bloom) is by far the finest flowering formulation in today’s marketplace. If you desire fast flowering, healthy, luscious blossoms, this formulation fits the bill.
HYDRO FUEL BLOEI (Bloom) uses only the finest agricultural and pharmaceuticalgrade raw ingredients so that there are no unwanted impurities. Also, by using only the best in raw materials, HYDRO FUEL BLOEI (Bloom) stays in perfect suspension and balance.

HYDRO FUEL comes in a convenient easy-to-use 2-part grow (Groei) and a 2-part bloom (Bloei) formulation. Hydro Fuel was designed to be so easy to use that you need only to use equal amounts of A & B concentrates in your solution water to make up a perfectly balanced solution delivering everything your plants need. HYDRO FUEL BLOEI (Bloom) was specifically designed for fast-growing annuals and has proven a winner again and again. Hydro Fuel can be used in hydroponics, aeroponics and soil-less mixes to provide everything your plants need for strong, healthy growth and for the results that you demand.