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Maverick Sun

Experience: The owner of Maverick Sun has over 30 years experience in lighting manufacturing and has inspected over 200 individual lighting factories across the world. Every detail in the manufacturing process is taken into account to give Maverick Sun lamps high light output, perfect spectrum and reliability.

Innovation: Maverick Sun never stops the research and development. We are dedicated to bringing the best value to our customers. In the summer of 2008, we opened a lighting facility where we manufacture lamps, ballasts and reflectors all in the same complex. Since that time we have gone even further in our quest to bring you the best quality products at the best price. We are working on some very interesting new products right now so keep checking our What’s New section for MS updates, grow tips, new product introductions and much more!

Matched systems: Lamps are the last link in the lighting system chain and probably the most important variable regarding success for plant growth and blooms. We share technology between the engineering staffs of each Maverick Sun product line and we are getting great results from this cooperation. When you buy our system, you are getting products that were designed and manufactured to work perfectly together.

Great Prices: Maverick Sun, because of our low overhead and streamlined manufacturing, can offer great prices. You no longer have to sacrifice quality to get a fair price on your garden lighting equipment and lamps.

We are a family business: Just like most of our customers. We listen, we care and we respond. We believe in service and being respectful to our customers. You will never get the “big box guys” attitude from Maverick Sun. Call us and get to know us. Join the evolution going on in the garden industry supply business!