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Bucket Baskets & Pails

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6” (15cm) FHD Bucket Basket:

Fits a short or tall grow bucket. Ideal for growing plants that are 36"(90cm) or smaller in size.

Top (inner lip to inner lip) = 6 inches/15 cm
Bottom (outer edge to outer edge) = 4.8 inches/12 cm
Weight = 284 grams

10" (25cm) FHD Bucket Basket:

Provides larger mesh for increased drainage and are perfect for large aquatic plants and orchids. Ideal in securely growing heavy fruit bearing plants and plants that are 36” and above in height.

The 10” Bucket Basket is a favorite among growers for tomatoes or cucumbers.

Top (inner lip to inner lip) = 10 inches/25 cm
Bottom (outer edge to outer edge) = 8.4 inches/21cm
Weight = 236 grams

The FHD Tall Grow Bucket is long lasting and built for stability! The sturdy base of this grow bucket is tailored to be flipped over to make a bucket stand. Available with or without a 1 ¼” (3cm) drain hole. 100% polypropylene plastic.

Easily design your own bucket system today with ease with FHD Grow Baskets and Buckets.

Top (Inner lip to inner lip) = 11.75inches/29.25cm
Bottom (outer edge to outer edge) = 10.75 inches/26.75cm
Height of bucket = 12 5/8inches/31.25cm
Weight = 700 grams