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DPC-15000TD 60A 4HW

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In addition to effortlessly powering ten 1,000 watt lights at 240-volts, the DPC-15000TD has a special feature to protect the life of your bulbs during power failures. Dial-in a delay of 1 to 10 minutes before your lights will restart when power is restored after a power outage. The DPC-15000TD is a perfect choice for serious growers. Every component is the finest of quality and you will enjoy years of safe and reliable operation. Plus, you will have the piece-of-mind knowing that your garden is protected 24/7 against fire and potentially fatal electric shock, by the built-in microprocessor-controlled GFCI circuit breaker. Powerbox™ Lighting Controllers are the best available. Don't settle for anything less when so much is at stake - A Powerbox™ lighting controller is the best investment you can make!

GFCI main circuit breaker provides the ultimate in safety and protection for you and your environment – 50A or 60A main capacity.
Heavy-duty contactor relay to control load switching.
Built-in digital timer with battery backup.
Ten timed 240-volt outlets (6-15r) and five 120-volt outlets (5-15r).
Exclusive user-adjustable time delay function extends bulb life & protects from your lamps from hot starts.
Real-time digital ammeter shows precise amperage draw so you always know how much power you are consuming, and how much you have available.

Detachable trigger cord can override the built-in timer, so Powerbox™ can be controlled by other devices.
Durable powder coated seamless steel enclosure. All components mounted from the inside for smooth outer surfaces and tight seals to keep out moisture.
Plug & play (14-50P) or hardwire - Keyhole tabs for easy mounting.
Protective tabs to prevent accidental breaker shutoff.
Hand-built at our California factory - 5 year warranty - Legendary Powerbox™ Quality.