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With a FlipboxLSM-20 from Powerbox, you can run twenty lights with ten ballasts, and double your harvests. Here’s how it works: Typical flowering lights run for 12 hours. When the lights go off, the ballasts sit idle for 12 hours until the next cycle starts. By adding a Flipbox LSM-20 to the equation, when the first cycle ends, the ballasts keep running and the output switches to a second set of ten lights, in a second bloom room – doubling your production.

A Flipbox LSM-20 has many benefits:

Use a Flipbox LSM-20 to DOUBLE THE PRODUCTION of your current 10-light setup by completing TWO 12-hour flowering cycles in each 24-hour day. Now you can run twice the number of lights from ten ballasts to literally double your output – and you can do this without the expense of bringing in additional power circuits to run more ballasts!

Use a Flipbox LSM-20 to CUT EQUIPMENT COSTS BY HALF. Since a Flipbox LSM-20 allows ten ballasts to run twenty lights, you only need to purchase half the number of ballasts. Compared to the price of ten new digital ballasts, a Flipbox LSM-20 is up to 70% LESS EXPENSIVE. And when you factor in not having to install more power circuits to run additional ballasts, the savings really add up!

Use a Flipbox LSM-20 to INCREASE YIELDS. By hanging twenty lights for each ten ballasts in a single garden, and then switching back and forth between lights in a checkerboard pattern, the garden gets even coverage and there are no hot spots. By alternating lights every hour, you can cover all of the area in your entire garden - and you can hang the lights closer to the plants. These are professional techniques that have proven to increase yields substantially.

Use a Flipbox LSM-20 to AVOID ELECTRICAL USAGE PROFILES. Some modern electrical ‘smart meters’ are able to profile electrical consumption habits and charge different rates based on those habits. By using Flipboxes, you avoid a 12-hour on, 12-hour off usage footprint, and you instead have a smooth electrical profile where power is flowing continuously.

Heavy-duty Square D relays.
Voltage independent – works with any voltage ballast.
Built-in Honeywell timer, with battery backup, to control switching cycles.
Works with both magnetic and new digital ballasts*.
Fits Sunlight Supply®-style reflectors and ballasts.
Heavy-duty 600-volt cords and receptacles.
Durable powder coated steel enclosure.
Keyhole tabs for easy mounting.
Hand-built in California.
Five-year warranty – Legendary Powerbox® quality