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The original Powerbox™ FLIPBOX® is an individual light switching module that allows an individual ballast to run two separate lights - one at a time - by switching back and forth between each light, at a user-specified interval. Flipboxes® have lots of possibilities and save lots of money, when compared to buying new digital ballasts.

Double production without installing additional power circuits
Save money on ballasts - use one ballast to run two lights
Minimize electrical footprint - no on/off switching - ballast is always on
Voltage independent - works with 120-volt and 240-volt ballasts
Use one Flipbox® per ballast and chain up to 20 individual Flipbox® modules together for simultaneous flipping

Fits Sunlight Supply™-style lamps and ballasts
Simple one Flipbox® per ballast design prevents downtime
Keyhole tabs for easy mounting
Hand-built at our California factory - 5 year warranty - Legendary Powerbox™ Quality