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Coolblaster Air-Cooled Tube

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The SunBlaster CoolBlaster Air-Cooled Tube is the solution for minimizing heat build-up problems in a grow room. Multiple CoolBlaster Tube can be installed in-line for greater cooling efficiency. Add wings to enlarge growing area.

CoolBlaster comes completely assembled and ready for installation. 5 kv mogul socket included, ready for your raw lamp cord. Internal and external reflectors included as per model.

CoolBlasters are an effective way of preventing heat build-up your grow area. So effective in fact, that you may have to provide additional heat in winter conditions.

Heat build-up plagues many growers; CoolBlasters take hot air produced by your lamps, and redirects it to a more suitable location. Fresh air into the CoolBlaster equals warm clean air on the other end.

Depending on your set-up, clean warm air can be used to heat your home or shop. Easily connected with flex ducting and gear clamps, these shades are a quick and effective solution to your over temperature problems. Cool air moves unimpeded through the CoolBlaster, allowing you to get more light to your plants. Less heat, more light to your plants.

These are sealed units, when installed correctly; no room air will enter your exhaust location, and you won't have to worry about upsetting anyone with annoying odours.