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200w Sunblaster CFL 6400k Full Spectrum

Product # 200w
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SunBlaster lamps come in a range of color spectrums from 2700K - warm, 6400K - daylight, and our 25,000K - super blue for super propagation, and aquarium applications.

200W 2700K CFL Full Spectrum
200W 6400K CFL Red Spectrum
200W 25,000K CFL Blue Spectrum

Use the 200 watt compact fluorescent bulbs to replace your existing 250-300 watt regular bulbs, where ever you want to provide full spectrum 6400 Kelvin cool natural light which is comparable to natural daylight. These bulbs work well in warehouse lighting and horticultural applications as well. Use 6400K for growth & 2700K for budding or flowering stages, when used in horticultural applications.