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3' T5 Replacement Lamp 6400k

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High Output 6400K lamps simulate natural sunlight and are ideal for cuttings or vegetative growth. SunBlaster's T5HO lamp produces a light of much greater strength than a conventional tube and, as a result, the energy input into the area being lit is much greater and the light penetration is far superior to anything previously available.

These lamps require a special T5HO Fixture and can not be used in standard fluorescent fixtures.
T5HO 2' 2700K
T5HO 3' 2700K
T5HO 4' 2700K

General lighting, factories, parking lots, warehouses. For the Horticulturalist choose 2700K for budding and blooming.
T5HO 2' 6400K
T5HO 3' 6400K
T5HO 4' 6400K

Aquariums, greenhouses, general office lighting. Used to simulate average outdoor light conditions. For the horticulturalist choose 6400K for growth.
T5HO 2' 10,000K Grow & Bloom Enhancer
T5HO 3' 10,000K Grow & Bloom Enhancer
T5HO 4' 10,000K Grow & Bloom Enhancer

Aquariums & greenhouses, especially good for propagation and early root growth.