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SolisTek MATRIX Digital Ballast
1000/600/400W Digital Ballast with Remote Control and Built-in Digital Timer 120/240v
Multi-Wattage, Multi-Voltage, Dimmable - 8.75A @120v - 4.375A @240v

(Remote Control Sold Separately, only 1 remote needed for all MATRIX ballasts)

The SolisTek Ballast is a digital ballast on a software based platform. Utilizing Japanese components and unparalleled engineering, SolisTek is able to achieve a less than 1% return rate.

The SolisTek Matrix Ballast is a digital ballast on a software based platform.
SolisTek offers true digital light systems for the horticulture industry.
Our ballast boasts exciting new features that are revolutionizing urban gardening:

Remote Control
Exclusive SolisTek remote control will allow you to wirelessly configure the wattage
settings and set the integrated digital timer for your SolisTek Matrix Ballast(s)

Built in Digital Timer
Custom programmed settings for grow/bloom. Sync all SolisTek Ballasts on the same
schedule with only 1 remote control. Eliminate unnecessary external components.

Green LCD Screen
Digital green read-out to visually display ballast settings and won't disrupt plant
sleep cycle. Dark cycle-friendly!

Ballast Life Timer
Onboard ballast 'odometer' that will count the number of hours the ballast has been
used. Industry's only ballast life timer! (multiply unit by 10 for actual usage hours)

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD):

Ignition Control™:
Sequential lamp ignition technology that will ignite your lamps one at a time based on load stability.
This revolutionary technology (not a randomized startup) will actually detect the voltage and amperage
frequencies of the electrical circuit and fire lamps when the load is most stable. SolisTek digital ballasts
are the only ballast capable of this technology.

Prevent surges and spikes in your electrical environment and stop overloading breakers. When you
power multiple SolisTek ballasts, the electrical draw is controlled by our internal software, maximizing
your electrical efficiency.

Soft-Start technology are standard in all SolisTek Digital Ballasts.

Pre-ignition self-diagnostic checks, which will check for 8 different factors before attempting to power
the lamp.

SenseSmart™ checks for:
- Open Output - High/low temps (internal)
- Ignition Failure - Thermal
- End of Lamp Life - Overflow Current
- Over/Low Voltage -Short Circuit

Solis Boost Overdrive:
SolisTek's overdrive does not harm the longevity of the lamp. Contrary to industry standards, Solis Boost
will only overdrive the lamp by 5%. Because STK ballasts are rated so efficiently, the extra boost in
power will not affect the lamps lumen depreciation or shorten lamp life.

SolisTek Digital Ballasts are tuned for minimal Total Harmonic Distortion (THD%). SolisTek ballasts
offer the cleanest burning ballast the industry has to offer. The results are longer ballast and lamp life
and less depreciation of lumen and par output over time.